• 2022 Summit on School Safety, Security and Trauma Informed Practices

  • The Arizona Business & Education Coalition (ABEC) in partnership with Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzonethe Arizona School Administrators (ASA), and Grand Canyon University  present the 2nd Annual School Safety and Security event:

    Summit on School Safety, Security and Trauma Informed Practices

    Our communities, families, staff and students face ongoing and new challenges that impact student success.
    The purpose of this conference is to congregate leaders in the field of education, public policy, law enforcement, psychology and planning to expand the awareness and implementation of best practices and recommendations in school safety, security, trauma-informed services and mental/behavioral health resources. Participants will leave with actionable strategies to engage their communities in the pursuit of safer, healthier schools and neighborhoods. 

    The three-day event will feature nationally and regionally recognized leaders and multiple break-out sessions. 


                                         Keynote Speakers



  • Jodi Weis

    Superintendent, Chicago Police Department, 2008 – 2011;

    Special Agent in Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2005 – 2008.

    Mr. Weis's bio here


  • Who should attend?

    • Senior school administrators (superintendents, county and district administrators, principals, public information officers, etc.).

    • Law Enforcement leaders, command leadership and dedicated staff focusing on school safety measures within their Agency's respective jurisdictions. 

    • CEOs/presidents/executive directors and senior staff of education associations, foundations, philanthropic and non-profit organizations focused on K-12 public education.

    • Behavioral Health Professionals, School Counselors, and School Psychologists.

    • Current and former senior leadership/federal government officials who specialize in active terrorism and school safety.

    • State and County elected and appointed officials and policy makers (legislators, school board members, city council members, and others).

    • Business leaders with an interest in school security.

    • Community and civic leaders with an interest in public education and school security.

  • This event will focus on

    • Developing tools to improve safety and security in our schools

    • Understanding mental and behavioral health needs in schools

    • Providing proven resources and tools for school safety and trauma prevention and intervention

    • Raising awareness regarding policy and advocacy efforts related to school safety and trauma informed practices. 

    • Building community awareness on issues surrounding trauma in K12 schools.


    Sunday, February 6, 2022                                    

    • 2pm Vendor Area Opens                                 
    • 3pm Check-in Opens
    • 4pm Welcome                                            
    • 5pm Keynote Speaker Panel                            

     Monday, February 7, 2022

        8:30am - 3pm Breakout Sessions

     Tuesday, February 8, 2022

        8:30am - 4pm Plenary Keynote Speakers Session




  • Breakout sessions:
    Registrants will have the opportunity to attend multiple breakout sessions in the following strands:

    Safety and Security
    Focus will include physical safety, use of technology, construction and design, school safety plans and site assessment teams, and pre- and post-event planning or response. Strategies will reflect individual school culture, demographics, and location.

    Mental and Behavioral Health
    Focus will be specific to mental and behavioral health supports as they apply to various school settings such as school counseling, community resources, wrap-around services, early warning indicators, or the psychology of school violence. 

    Trauma-informed Educational Supports
    Focus will be on specific strategies that schools can use to support students and/or adults in their settings to overcome the effects of trauma. Prevention, intervention, and/or general knowledge strategies, based in research/evidence, are included.

    Policy and Advocacy
    Facilitated non-partisan discussions on policy interactions happening locally and nationally to support best practices in school safety, security, trauma-informed educational supports, and mental/behavioral health concerns at the K12 level. Information about how to approach policy change at the local, state and national level as well as state, local, federal and private funding mechanisms are included. 



    Comments from the 2019 event: 

    "One of the best I have ever attended!  Scope, quality of speakers gave people a multi-faceted view of the issue. Ground breaking – Thank you!"

    "Incredible information!"

    "Good insight – different perspectives on issue."

    "The presenters and panel were so diverse and experts both locally & nationally."

    "The wide range of backgrounds and sources represented, the wealth of knowledge in one place at one time is outstanding."




    This event is brought to you through the partnership of the Arizona Business & Education Coalition (ABEC), Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzonethe Arizona School Administrators (ASA), and Grand Canyon University.