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    Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone cites ABEC for our work with his office on school safety and security.  This partnership includes the Arizona School Administrators Association and will continue.  This link demonstrates how we can and must work together on this critical topic.  Check it out!   (At about 3:20 minutes into the brief interview.) 


    Convene. Connect. Collaborate. Create.





  • STRONG public schools = a STRONGER economy

  • The Arizona Business & Education Coalition (ABEC) is the coalition of Arizona business and education leaders committed to help create public education policy essential to a vibrant, growing Arizona economy.  The coalition is a 501(c)(3), non-partisan, statewide membership organization focused on K-12 public education, while recognizing the importance of early childhood development, post-secondary education and workforce development.


    What we do.

    • Convene - ABEC provides reliable information and insight on education and convenes regular forums to increase members' knowledge and ability to impact K-12 education's direction and quality.

    • Connect - ABEC offers ongoing opportunity for statewide networking between and among education and business leaders, and direct access to the people who are shaping Arizona education policy and practice.

    • Collaborate - Building on its strong reputation, ABEC collaborates with other major stakeholders in framing and advocating informed policy positions to key decision makers.

    • Create - ABEC leads the creation of a nonpartisan environment and platform for shaping long term education policy and financing, built on hard facts and practical experience.

    Recent Accomplishments

    • Provided high profile leadership in the successful campaign to restore $29 million in funding for public school JTED/CTE programs.

    • Established a $3 million ongoing energy-saving pilot program for school districts approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission; exploring additional revenue-generating initiatives in collaboration with superintendents and utility companies across the state.

    • Produced and communicated to legislative leaders, opinion leaders and media ABEC’s principled positions on major tax and education policy bills presented during the 2016-2019 legislative sessions.

    • Engaged key legislators from both parties in address most challenging, complex education issues on an on-going basis.

    • Continuing expansion of  ABEC’s Middle School Career Exploration Project, sharply increasing number of business partners participating in this successful program.

    • Coordinated, in partnership with Cox Communications, Legislative Candidate debates for the contested districts statewide, airing to over 1 million viewers in both 2018 and 2016.

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  • Convene. Connect. Collaborate. Create.