• ABEC Special Event

  • School Security:  It’s Everybody’s Business!

    Presented by:  The Arizona Business & Education Coalition in partnership with Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone and the Arizona School Administrators Association.

    Date:  Friday, April 26

    Time:  8:30 AM through 3 PM

    Location:  Madison Elementary School District Performing Arts Center, 5601 N. 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85016

    Invited Attendees:  All Maricopa County School District Superintendents and major charter school headmasters, all Arizona State Legislators, Governor Ducey and key Executive Officers, VIP Corporate Security Guests, Hosts and Sponsors, all Maricopa County local Police Chiefs and Mayors plus select statewide guests including all Arizona county sheriffs and select statewide school and business officials .


    8:30 AM               Welcome – Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone, ABEC President & CEO Dick Foreman, Arizona School Administrators Executive Director Mark Joraanstad, and Corporate Platinum Sponsor.

    8:50 AM               Opening address – Mark Sullivan, former Director of the United States Secret Service (invited)

    9:30 AM               Panel: Array of internal security issues within a school or on a campus

    • The on-campus issues that impact security
    • Mental Health issues within a campus community
    • Protecting an environment of learning, avoiding a fortress atmosphere

    10:30 AM             Panel: Structural/physical issues, and the wide differences among schools

    • Rural – Urban community differences, challenges and opportunities
    • Open campuses and closed campuses
    • Small, medium or large physical presence, how to protect your perimeter

    11:30 AM             Panel: Security technology, detection systems, and evolving tools

    • Video monitoring – entry and exit point protection
    • On-campus communication tools, utilizing personal phones for protection
    • Social media monitoring and threat assessment
    • Weapon detection

    12:20 PM             Lunch

                                Luncheon Speaker:  Elected Official on Public commitment to support education leaders in keeping learning communities safe and effective in teaching Arizona’s children.

    1:30 PM               Security technology demonstrations with exhibition of available systems for enhancing school safety.

    For additional information contact Dick Foreman by email at dick@azbec.org or by phone at 602-499-8299.