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  • Dear Governor Ducey,

    On behalf of the ABEC Board of Directors, membership and staff, we wish to congratulate you on your historic victory.  ABEC stands solidly behind advocacy for economic growth, balanced and sustained budgets, strong public safety and continued focus on Arizona’s educational investment needs.  Thank you for your strong, post-election statement on these fundamental goals as you embark upon your second term.

    We all stand ready to assist, convene, collaborate and support you in this effort.  We look forward to working with you and your entire administration. 

    Thank you for this commitment and again, congratulations on your reelection victory.


    Dick Foreman

    President & CEO

    Arizona Business & Education Coalition



    STRONG public schools = a STRONGER economy

  • The Arizona Business & Education Coalition (ABEC) is the coalition of Arizona business and education leaders committed to help create public education policy essential to a vibrant, growing Arizona economy.  The coalition is a 501(c)(3), non-partisan, statewide membership organization focused on K-12 public education, while recognizing the importance of early childhood development, post-secondary education and workforce development.


    What we do.

    • Convene - ABEC provides reliable information and insight on education and convenes regular forums to increase members' knowledge and ability to impact K-12 education's direction and quality.

    • Connect - ABEC offers ongoing opportunity for statewide networking between and among education and business leaders, and direct access to the people who are shaping Arizona education policy and practice.

    • Collaborate - Building on its strong reputation, ABEC collaborates with other major stakeholders in framing and advocating informed policy positions to key decision makers.

    • Create - ABEC leads the creation of a nonpartisan environment and platform for shaping long term education policy and financing, built on hard facts and practical experience.


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  • Convene. Connect. Collaborate. Create.