• Student Achievement

  • Advancing student achievement throughout Arizona's K-12 public school system is ABEC's foremost priority. All statewide education policy should pursue the ultimate goal of high student achievement of rigorous, challenging academic standards as measured by trusted, reliable, and valid assessments.

    A public school system that promotes a high level of student achievement is key to the infrastructure that Arizona must build to compete in a global economic environment and to create the workforce of the future.

    ABEC supports effective evidence-based remediation and prevention strategies to support the number of students who do not meet standards, drop out of school, or fail to graduate.

    Though focused on K-12 education, ABEC recognizes the importance of linking pre-Kindergarten through post-secondary education in a continuum. ABEC supports policies and programs aligned with the principle of readiness for elementary school instruction and early childhood preparation for learning.


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