• ABEC strategic plan

  • Our focus

    ABEC is a long-term effort designed to:

    • increase the trust between the business and education communities;
    • acknowledge their synergies and symbiotic relationship;
    • develop respect and understanding for each others' needs, missions, and methodologies;
    • be a credible source for education-related data and their interpretation; and
    • provide a common voice for education in the state.
  • Strategic plan

    Goal 1 – To advocate for effective public policy and accountability that increases measureable student performance for every student and closes the achievement gap.

    • Objective: Advocacy for effective public policy that ensures that all 3rd grade students meet or exceed reading and math standards on state required exams.
    • Objective: Advocacy for effective public policy that ensures that all 8th grade students meet or exceed state academic standards demonstrating a readiness for high school.
    • Objective: Advocacy for effective public policy that ensures all students graduate college and career ready.
    • Objective: Advocacy for effective public/private partnerships in support of student achievement in public education.


    Goal 2 – To promote fiscal and educational accountability through public policy that assures stable and consistent funding of the public education system statewide.

    • Objective: Facilitate understanding of the system of education revenue and expenditure.
    • Objective: Advocate for school funding that is equitable, evidence based and provides for innovation to support increasing levels of student learning and achievement.


    Goal 3 – To serve as a forum to educate policy makers, business, educators, other advocacy groups and the community about ABEC-focused issues within the Arizona public education system.

    • Objective: To become the resource on Arizona education issues.


    Goal 4 – To  ensure that ABEC is a viable, credible and sustainable organization, striving and advocating for common ground.

    • Objective: To maintain management excellence.


    Board approved revision, September 2011