• Rodel Conversation Aug 27th

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  • Context is Everything:  A Conversation About Education with Rodel


    Dr. James K. Zaharis, Executive Vice President, Arizona Business & Education Coalition, explored the findings of Rodel’s just-released report "Arizona Public Education at a Glance with Jackie Norton, President & CEO of the Rodel Foundation.  In a fast-paced, one hour, interactive conversation, Dr. Zaharis and panelists discussed with Jackie the role of facts and data in advancing constructive dialogue and better decision making for public education policy. 

    Panelists included: 
    Dr. Quinn KellisSuperintendent, Dysart Unified School District
    Dr. Arleen KennedySuperintendent, Balsz Elementary School District
    Mr. Jimmy Lindblom, Community Outreach, Willmeng  


          Ms. Jackie Norton                  Dr. Quinn Kellis       Dr. Arleen Kennedy             Mr. Jimmy Lindblom                      Mr. Don Budinger



    Over 70 people attended the virtual discussion on Friday, August 27th, and appreciated the opportunity to explore this report's findings.   

    “Thank you, Rodel, for the very helpful report, and thank you ABEC, for facilitating the ongoing, important dialogue and progress.”  ~ Dr. Tacy Ashby, Senior Vice President, Strategic Educational Alliances, Grand Canyon University. 

    "Thank you for hosting this event and bringing us all together. The report is outstanding. An investment in Arizona’s public education system is an investment in Arizona. I continue to appreciate the advocacy of Rodel and ABEC."  ~ Dr. Kathleen Wiebke, Executive Director, Arizona K-12 Center. 

    “This report is helpful.   We do need to start with data in any discussion of education as it often is an emotional discussion.   The data is a direct result of what we are and have done in our schools.   It certainly suggests that we need to try some different approaches going forward or we can expect to have the same result.”  ~ Richard Condit, President, Economic Independence, LLC.  



    The Report, the Conversation, and more!

    We hope you can utilize this report's findings as a basis for discussion in your communities.  

    Click here to view or download the Rodel Report: "Arizona Public Education at a Glance:  Past, Present, and Future

    Click here to view the video recording of the August 27th discussion. 

    • at 23:37 panelists are introduced
    • at 26:23 Dr. Kellis's remarks
    • at 35:00 Dr. Kennedy's remarks
    • at 44:30 Mr. Lindblom's remarks
    • at 57:00 Q&A
    • at 1:00:47 closing remarks by Mr. Don Budinger, Chairman & Founding Director, Rodel Charitable Foundation


    Click here to view or download the Questions & Answers. 

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