• Educator Effectiveness

  • Teacher quality is the most critical factor outside of the influence of the home on student achievement. ABEC believes that teacher quality will flourish when the proper conditions exist in the state and the education system focuses on recruitment, development and retention at all levels.

    Components that support teacher quality include:

    • High quality teacher preparation programs;
    • A well-defined career development path, including tools and training aligned with Arizona professional teaching standards and the incentives and time to participate;
    • Compensation systems based on performance and expertise; and
    • Teachers that are able to demonstrate competence and mastery within their subject area and are rewarded for excellence.


    A well-designed performance-based compensation system for teachers must include key criteria that measure impact on student achievement. These should include, but not be limited to, a substantial percentage of the funds tied to assessments of student achievement based upon the state academic standards. Local school districts should evaluate their existing PBC against this standard and share successful models that support recruitment, development and retention with other districts across the state.


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