• Advocacy Tool Box

  • It is important to know the various leaders – especially those that can impact education policy – in the state of Arizona.

    Arizona State Elected Officials

    Doug Ducey, Governor

    Governor's Staff (appointed by Governor):

    • Kirk Adams, Chief of Staff
    • Gretchen Martinez, Director of Legislative Affairs
    • Dawn Wallace, Education Advisor

    Arizona 52nd Legislature (2015)

    Republican Leaders

    Senate: House:
    • Sen. Andy Biggs, Senate President
    •  Rep. David Gowan, House Speaker
    • Sen. Steve Yarbrough, Majority Leader
    •  Rep. Steve Montenegro, Majority Leader
    • Sen. Gail Griffin, Majority Whip 
    •  Rep. David Livingston, Majority Whip
    • TBD, President Pro Tempore
    •  TBD, Speaker Pro Tempore

    Democratic Leaders



    • Sen. Katie Hobbs, Minority Leader

    • Rep. Eric Meyer, Minority Leader
    • Sen. Steve Farley, Assistant Minority Leader
    • Rep. Bruce Wheeler, Assistant Minority Leader
    • Sen. Martin Quezada, Minority Co-Whip
    • Sen. Lupe Contreras, Minority Co-Whip
    • Rep. Rebecca Rios, Minority Whip


    Education - House of Representatives Standing Committee

    • Paul Boyer (R) - Chair
    • Jay Lawrence (R) - Vice Chair
    • Jill Norgaard (R)
    • Doug Coleman (R)
    • Bob Thorpe (R)
    • Lisa Otondo (D)
    • Reginald Bolding (D)

    Education - Senate Standing Committee

    • Kelli Ward (R) - Chair
    • Kimberly Yee (R) - Vice Chair
    • Sylvia Allen (R)
    • Jeff Dial (R)
    • Steve Smith (R)
    • Carlyle Begay (D)
    • David Bradley (D)


    State Board of Education (appointed by Governor)

    • Greg Miller, President
    • Christine Thompson, Executive Director


    Arizona State Department of Education (elected)

    • Diane Douglas, State Superintendent of Public Instruction


    Arizona Board of Regents (appointed by Governor)

    • Mark Killian, Chair
    • Jay Heiler, Vice Chair
    • Eileen Klein, ABOR President

    [CLICK HERE, for a complete list of Regent members]


    First Things First

    • Sam Leyvas, chief executive officer


    Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education (appointed by Governor)

    • April Osborn, executive director