• 2021 ABEC Annual Conference





    The ABEC 2021 Annual Conference is coming and we’re going to bust some myths!

    What do you think are some of the greatest myths about our public schools?

    What is really a proven graduation accelerator? 

    We hear a lot about various theories and programs to increase Arizona’s graduation rates, and for good reason.  Nearly every day, we see a headline discussing “Covid Learning Loss” or our failure, thus far, to significantly even approach the metrics of the Arizona Progress Meter.  Is anything working?  If yes, what is working the best to both accomplish graduation with full demonstration of expected skills and academic performance?  Who even has a plan based on metrics that are proven to work?  Anybody???  (Hint:  the answer is “YES!”)

    Also, perhaps one of the greatest myths of all, what do schools actually teach?  What should be the focus for graduates and what they are prepared for?  What do you think the answer is?  Is graduation an academic accomplishment or is it to prepare students for a successful economic future?  Or both?   

    What Role Does Business Really Play in Public Education?

    What is the Critical Path we need to encourage business engagement that can help us be more responsive to increasing graduation rates, closing stubborn achievement gaps while enhancing student achievement overall?

    Do students really understand the many pathways directly related to their academic pursuits?

    Join us on Oct. 13 to find out what Arizona leaders not only are saying, but also what they are doing!  We’re going to bust some myths, big time!





  • Don Budinger   bio

    Chairman and Founding Director

    Rodel Charitable Foundations

  • The Honorable John Giles   bio


    City of Mesa, Arizona

  • Dave Howell   bio

    Senior Vice President

    Government Relations

    Wells Fargo


  • Jackie Norton  

    President  & CEO

    Rodel Charitable Foundations

  • John Kelly   bio


    Triadvocates, LLC


  • Rich Nickel   bio

    President & CEO

    Education Forward Arizona

  • Katherine Pappas   bio

    Executive Director


  • Gregory Donovan   bio   



  • Dr. Randy Kimmens, Ed.D.  bio

    Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

    Futures Inc.


  • Jake Logan   bio

    President & CEO

    Arizona Charter Schools Association

  • Dr. Chad Wilson. Ed.D.   bio


    East Valley Institute of Technology



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